Our Technology

ETX is one of a small number of trading providers which own their own platform technology.


Development and Ownership

When it comes to the development of groundbreaking trading technology, ETX believes that understanding the trading mindset is key.

That’s why ETX Capital’s technology is designed by traders for traders – and with 4 platforms, free and accurate charting and a selection of trading apps on Android and iOS, ETX offers traders a comprehensive package.

In 2014 ETX took the next step and acquired Ariel Communications, thereby establishing itself amongst a select group of brokerages who don’t have to rely on an outside provider.

Mobile Trading

Nowadays Mobile Apps aren’t just an additional optional feature; increasingly they are becoming an integral part of the trading experience. ETX Capital knows this, which is why they offer a full range of mobile apps, allowing clients to trade whilst on-the-move as well as at their desks.

Tablet Trading

With more mobility than a laptop but larger displays than mobile phones, tablets give traders the best of both worlds. ETX traders have the option of using a specific tablet version of the Trader and TraderPro platforms.


ETX Capital’s award-winning trade-through charts are designed to give clients an enhanced trading experience. The customisable nature of the chart allows you to select from a number of different graph styles (such as candle, line and area) as well as a range of drawing tools (including Point-to-Point lines and Fibonacci Cycles). Users can trade directly from the chart, as well as saving their settings to make things easier the next time around.


MT4 is one of the most popular electronic trading platforms in the world, allowing traders to use scripts and automated ‘expert advisors’ – also known as EAs - to take positions in the financial markets. ETX hosts its own version of the MT4 platform, giving clients the ability to upload their own trading algorithms which they can then use to navigate the markets.