Corporate summary

An established global provider of online trading, ETX Capital has experienced rapid growth whilst maintaining a strong focus on customer care and product improvement.

Our story

ETX Capital provides institutional, high net worth and retail customers based around the world with derivative-based trading via instruments including CFDs and Binary Options, as well as offering Spread Betting to clients in the UK and Ireland.

With an experienced customer service team and competitive pricing, ETX Capital offers high-quality service across the board.

ETX Capital is the trading name of Monecor (London) Limited, company number 00851820. Monecor (London) Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 124721. A member firm of the London Stock Exchange, Monecor (London) Limited was established in 1965.

Executive Chairman

John Wilson

During a period in which many have seen the markets as challenging, ETX Capital has experienced significant growth. Our focus on delivering excellent customer service, product innovation and competitive pricing continues to serve us well. Overall, a strong executive team, highly skilled employees, focus on technology, good risk management and a strong balance sheet have combined to deliver our success and we now rank as one of the leading companies in our sector.

The prospects for further developing the product, geographic and technical dimensions of our business are attractive and a number of initiatives are underway. However, we recognise that ambitions alone are not enough; we also bring meticulous planning and proven execution to bear on our projects.

I have every confidence that ETX Capital will continue to serve its existing and new customers extremely well and provide a secure and supportive environment for its employees, and in so doing we will deliver attractive value growth to our shareholders.


Andrew Edwards

ETX Capital is a leading company in the CFD and spread betting market, offering a broad range of services to retail, high net worth and institutional customers. A key driver of our growth is a strong emphasis on Customer Service and I am extremely proud to be part of the team.

This customer-led approach is visible throughout our business, from Technology and Operations to Client Support, Trading and Sales; it’s ingrained in the culture and DNA of our business. We believe we have the right foundations in our employees to lead us into the next stage of our development, which will involve international expansion and unique product development, as well as effective marketing and risk management.


Originally established in 1965, Monecor (London) Limited now trades under the name of ETX Capital. A private company, its controlling shareholders are principals of the JRJ and BXR Groups.

JRJ Group is a private equity investment firm, focused on the financial services sector - an industry in which its principals have long practical experience. The firm provides capital, operational expertise and strategic guidance to its portfolio companies and in doing so, fosters sustainable growth and creates real value for the benefit of their investors and partners, as well as the communities in which their investees operate. JRJ Group was founded by Jeremy Isaacs and Roger Nagioff.

BXR Group is an international private investment group with over USD 6 billion of assets under management and a 15 year track record of superior investment performance across a variety of industry sectors.